Pink Ribbon Program

 Get back to thriving!

The Pink Ribbon Program is a Pilates-based exercise program designed specifically for women after breast cancer surgery. Pilates Power Center is now offering the Pink Ribbon Program to our community. You can learn more about this wonderful program by visiting the Pink Ribbon Program website.

This program will help to restore physiological function and quality of life by addressing the side effects of surgery/treatment such as lymphedema, decreased cardiovascular function, immobility and postural changes. Cancer diagnosis and treatment can be physiologically and psychologically debilitating. The goal of  the Pink Ribbon Program is to ensure that every person has the ability to regain a sense of well being lost through the process of diagnosis, surgery and recovery. This can be achieved in part through an exercise program designed for the specific needs and challenges after breast cancer surgery. Movement after surgery is a key component often missing in the treatment of breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon Program was created to safely enhance recovery. The program helps to gradually stretch and strengthen the shoulders, chest and back muscles through its four phases of training. Participants may significantly improve range of motion and strength to those areas most affected by breast cancer surgery, treatment and reconstruction.

The Pink Ribbon Program was created by exercise physiologist and breast cancer survivor, Doreen Puglisi, and has been embraced by hospitals, physical therapy centers, educational institutions, rehabilitation clinics around the world, and by those managing their own physical recovery. It works in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations for exercise, and it can be used simultaneously or as a follow-up to prescribed physical therapy. This program is suitable whether your surgery was recent or several years ago, and accommodates all fitness levels. Our goal at the studio is to help you restore your normal ranges of motion and strength so you can transition to a regular exercise program, whether it be at our studio, the gym or in your own home.

Benefits of the Pink Ribbon Program                                                          

  • Regain Strength and Mobility in Affected Shoulder and Arm
  • Promotes Lymphatic Drainage, Helping to prevent Lymphedema
  • Improves Functional Ability and Quality of Life
  • Enhances and Restores Energy Levels
  • Assists in Restoring Posture
  • Decreases Stress and Anxiety
  • Alleviates Pain and Swelling
  • Improves circulation and oxygenation throughout the body

Your Instructors

We have highly skilled certified Pilates instructors who have taken the full Pink Ribbon instructor training program to assist clients after breast cancer surgery. Our trainers Paula Anderson, MS, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and Barbara Zaro, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher are also certified Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialists through the Pink Ribbon Program.

Program Design                                                                                                                             

There are four phases of The Pink Ribbon Program. Progression from one phase to the next varies with each individual because each surgery is unique, and each person heals at an individual pace.  Please consult with your doctor or healthcare team member before starting this or any exercise program. Pilates Power Center requires your doctors release before beginning your program.
PHASE 1 –  focuses on increasing range of motion of the shoulder, expansion of the chest, and shoulder blade stabilization.
PHASE 2 –  focuses on improving core strength and movement. Spinal and core stability exercises are also added in this phase.
PHASE 3 –  adds more strengthening exercises for the core and we begin to incorporate lower body strength and stability exercises.
PHASE 4 –  introduces the use of resistance to the workout


FREE Initial Assessment Session (Your Doctors Written release to exercise is required to participate)

Clients begin with a free 45 minute initial assessment and meeting with one of our Breast Cancer Exercise Specialists. Your trainer will take your health history as well as breast cancer surgery and reconstruction details, current functional abilities, and limitations, and current ranges of motion to allow us to design the program to help you regain your strength and flexibility.  After the assessment, werecommend series of 8 private lessons – twice per week for 4 weeks – in order to progress through the four phases of the workout and feel the benefits of the program.

Private Training – 4 Week Program

This 4 week program meets twice per week for 30 minutes. The total cost of each 30-minute session is only $15 or a total of $120. The Pink Ribbon program exercises are performed on the mat and on the specialized Pilates equipment. Your Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist will customize the exercises for your unique needs based on your post operative abilities and the type of surgery and treatment you have undergone. Successful completion of the 4-week program will allow you to transition into regular Pilates classes if you so desire.

Sign up for your FREE Initial session now! Your Doctor’s written release is required when you come to the studio for the first time. We encourage you to tell your doctor to check out our website.

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