Virtual Classes

Our physical site remains closed temporarily due to COVID-19. But there is GREAT NEWS! You can now attend virtual online classes or private sessions with us. We miss everyone and want to stay in contact with you and help you continue your Pilates practice at home. Virtual classes are now available on the online cloud platform Zoom. You can now attend your favorite instructor’s virtual online class. Click here to download the Zoom App. The app is free and easy to use.  Classes and private sessions, though different than being in the studio, will be familiar, fun and uplifting. These classes will give you a full body workout with emphasis on moving from your center. We will incorporate mat exercises and simulate exercises on the studio apparatus by using small props. And you will be receiving the same quality teaching from your instructor, virtually like they are there with you. Private sessions are also available. Contact your instructor to set up your virtual private sessions.

Sign up for your class on the Schedulicity app as usual. If you are not a current client, go to to sign up.  You have the option to be seen and heard or not. We suggest you turn your volume and video on at your end during sessions so that your instructor can keep their watchful eyes on you and provide their usual cues and individual corrections, just like at the studio! Before the class you will receive a link to join and stream from your favorite mobile device, or computer with web cam or laptop (recommended). You will be using one of your classes in your current class package for each class attended. Your current class card expiration date will be extended for an additional month from the date you attend your first virtual class. When you finish all of the classes in your package you will be notified via email. You can use your credit card to sign up for more classes on the Schedulicity secure site. You will see all of our available packages during the check out phase of signing up for a class.

Suggested props to have available for your classes (and alternatives): 

  • Workout mat – or beach towel
  • Magic Circle – or towel
  • Light hand weights – or water bottles or soup cans
  • Foam roller – or rolled towel
  • Resistance band
  • Yoga block – or thick book
  • Small (6-8”) ball – or towel
  • Stability Ball – or sturdy chair
  • Small Pillow


Instructions for your Virtual Class:

  1. Please create an account and download Zoom Video Conferencing beforehand. Download the free ZOOM app. on your computer or tablet (recommended for better viewing), or on your smart phone.
  2. Use your Schedulicity App to select the class you would like to attend (just like you always have). Each class will count as one class on your current class package. Online payments for packages will be available when your current package is finished.
  3. An email with the unique Virtual Classroom ZOOM link will arrive in your email inbox one hour to 30 minutes before the class start time.
  4. Click the link in your email to enter the Virtual Classroom. The class will open 5 minutes before the start time, and we suggest “getting there” early to get situated
  5. Set up your phone (tripod recommended but not essential) and workout space ahead of time so you have enough room to move your body without obstacles. Keep a towel and water bottle handy. Set up your phone around 6 feet from your mat, so that you can see your entire mat in the camera. Move any furniture out of your exercising space. You may also want to restrict your pets from your virtual classroom to avoid interruptions.