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Free Studio Tour

Come to our studio and check us out in a free 20 minute studio tour. You’ll meet with one of our trainers and learn all about what we have to offer. Get your questions about Pilates answered and find out what attending our studio programs can do for you.

Free Intro Class

“I’ve been with Paula for 20 years . If it wasn’t for Paula and Pilates I would not be in the shape I am in and probably not able to walk. I have less back pain and am able to enjoy traveling and doing the things I love. Highly recommend this studio for a healthier lifestyle.” Randy


If you are interested in taking classes at our studio, join one of our trainers for a FREE Intro Class to give you an introduction to Pilates and to our apparatus classes. You’ll try out exercises on our apparatus which may include the Reformer, EXO Chair, Springboard and TRX for the Pilates Suspension Method. We will also answer any of your questions about our class schedule, rates, and other offerings. This session runs 30 minutes.  All classes are designed for healthy individuals with no acute or chronic injuries. Our Private Training Start up Package is recommended for those with special needs.

Start-Up Packages (Choose one)

Clients brand new to our studio can choose one of the following Start-Up Packages and get a great discount off our single session rates! CoreAlign training is also available with the Private Training and Semi-Private training packages. These packages are not available with other discounted offers.

Private Training Start-up Package – Two 1-hour sessions –  $99

Choose this package if you are new to the Pilates apparatus, have Pilates apparatus experience and are new to our studio, or prefer private training. This package is also recommended for those wanting to transition to apparatus classes at the studio. The Private Start-Up will introduce you to our equipment and style of teaching at your level of experience. Improve your core strength, muscular endurance, functional fitness, posture, and overall strength and flexibility in a private setting.  The Private Training Start-Up Package is geared toward your personal goals and will help you become more familiar with all of the studio equipment at your level of Pilates experience. You will workout one-on-one with your experienced and accredited Pilates trainer for two 60-minute sessions using a variety of our Pilates apparatus.

“Pilates training is an investment in myself. I gain energy and ease of movement while having fun!” – Jane (on the CoreAlign)

Semi-Private Start-up Package – Two 1-hour sessions – $66

Choose this package if you and your friend or a family member are both brand new to our studio and want to share your sessions together in a private setting.  This package is geared toward your  goals and Pilates experience. You will workout one-on-one with your experienced and accredited Pilates trainer for two 60-minute sessions with your partner using a variety of Pilates apparatus. Rates are per person.

Class Start-Up Package – 5 classes – $99

Get a fantastic deal on your first 5 classes. Choose this package if you interested in getting into Level 1 classes right away without taking private sessions first. All classes are designed for healthy individuals wit no acute or chronic injuries or other issues. Private training is recommend for those with special  needs.

One time purchase only. All start up packages have a 5 week expiration from the start of training.


Ongoing Rates for Pilates Training

Private Training (One-on-One)

This is personal training at its best!  All of the essential Balanced Body Pilates equipment is here for your specific needs in a private studio environment under the expert guidance of your experienced and accredited Pilates trainer. All series have a 60-day expiration. This will provide you with flexibility in scheduling your personal Pilates training. CoreAlign and Pilates Suspension Method training is also available. A 24-your cancellation is in effect for all sessions.

Single Session Rate   – $75

Jeannie, 82 years of age, has been doing Pilates at PPC since we opened in 2005!

2 Session Package   – $144

4 Session Package  –  $280

5 Session Package   – $350

8 Session Package   – $520

12 Session Package – $756


Semi Private training is a great way to share your Pilates with your friend or family member. Semi-private training can include the CoreAlign along with all of our Pilates Apparatus.

Semi-Private Training

Share your Pilates and/or CoreAlign sessions with a friend or family member. Sessions are designed to start from the basics and teach you the Pilates or CoreAlign essentials. Improve your core muscular endurance, functional fitness, posture, strength and flexibility in a semi-private setting. CoreAlign training is also available.  A 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect for all sessions.***

Single Session (per person)                  – $50

2-Semi-Private Series (per person)     – $96

4-Semi-Private Series (per person)    – $180

8-Semi-Private Series (per person)   – $344

All Private and Semi-Private training packages have a 60 day expiration from the start of package.


Class Rates  (Local SLO County residents only)

At Pilates Power Center we have a full complement of Pilates Apparatus in our class room. Our classes have four levels, from beginning to advanced. You can start at your current level of experience. Even with no experience, you can begin in our Level 1 classes. Our classes are Reformer based and we also use EXO Chairs, Springboards, TRX Pilates Suspension Method trainers and small props such as the Pilates Arc, Magic Circle and small balls to give you a comprehensive Pilates experience in our spacious class room. There is a maximum of 5 students per class, providing you with the personal instruction you need. This will ensure you are performing each exercises with proper form and alignment to help you along your Pilates journey. All of our class teachers are highly skilled Pilates Instructors with many years of experience.

        Drop in classes (when space available)

We have four levels of Pilates Apparatus Classes, from beginning to advanced.

         1 Drop in class – $35

       Class Packages

5 Class Package  –  $135

10 Class Package – $260

15 Class Package – $375

20 Class Package – $480

All Class Packages have a 60 day expiration from start of package.


***A late cancellation by one partner for semi-private sessions (less than 24 hours notice) will not be rescheduled. The attending partner will receive the session at the semi-private rate and the late cancelling client will be charged for the session.  In the event of an early cancellation by one person (more than 24 hours) the other person can choose to do a private session (at the single private session fee) or reschedule with their partner.

STUDIO CLASS POLICIES:   Students (“regulars”) attending the same class day and time every week for a minimum of three months have priority over other students when signing up online.  A 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect for all classes. If you Early Cancel with more than 24-hours notice via phoning the studio or your instructor or cancelling online, you may roll over your missed class to any other class during the 60 day period of your package.   Scheduling and rescheduling opportunities end on the expiration date of your current package and will not be carried over to future packages. If you Late Cancel with less than 24-hours notice or No Show for the class, you are charged for the class.  Due to the amount of people on our class wait lists, late cancels (less than 24-hours) will not be rescheduled.